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Welcome to Hollinwood Work Club!

Hollinwood Work Club gets together on a weekly basis to support people through the job hunting process. It enables members to expand upon their network of contacts and enable job seekers to interact and help each other out.

We welcome anyone who is serious about wanting to find work whether currently unemployed or just looking to change jobs.  Our members find out about our services through various means including word of mouth and many are referred to us by Job Centre plus.  However we are not part of the job centre but work in a supportive role offering a more localised service.

Attendance of the work club is voluntary, however weekly attendance really increases your chances gaining employment (you never know what vacancies you may hear about there!).    We do not put pressure on anyone to do anything but we will support you all we can and remember, this is your club and it works best with members supporting and helping each other.

You can be assured that anything discussed at the work club will be treated in strict confidence and all information will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act(1998).

The Club runs every Thursday in Limehurst Library 1pm – 3pm. 

Important: If you find employment please let us know!